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6.04.2010 | ThunderCast Episode 7: We're Back!
Posted by: Manny

It’s been a really long time, but we’re back — and hopefully for good! Nick, Manny F., and Chris discuss all the latest news from the past year including the tragic death of Stephen Perry, the concept images and leaked script from the shelved ThunderCats movie, as well as the rumored (now confirmed) new cartoon and toy line!

We actually recorded this episode the weekend before all the announcements were made, so our speculation on the rumors of a new series and toy line were true!

The iTunes subscription feed will eventually be updated, but until then, feel free to stream the episode by clicking the link below or download the episode by right-clicking the link, then going to save as.

ThunderCast - Episode 7

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6.03.2010 | ThunderCats Writer, Steve Perry Murdered
Posted by: Manny

All of the team at ThunderCats Lair have been shocked and saddened to hear of the death of ThunderCats writer Stephen Perry. Amongst his notable screenwriting career, Steve wrote some of the most memorable ThunderCats episodes, including fan favourites such as "Safari Jo".

Steve was a good friend to this site, occasionally posting on our forums and also taking part in an interview with our resident multimedia guru, Nick Mills.

It's no secret that Steve was not in the greatest of health in recent times and also no secret that he'd been experiencing some problems in his personal life. All of us at ThunderCats Lair are deeply saddened that, just when things were beginning to improve for Steve, his life should end so tragically.

Perhaps most tragic of all is the fact that Steve's death is now accepted as being the result of an apparent homicide. Whilst we don't want to comment on too much of the detail of this case whilst the facts are still being pieced together by the relevant authorities, all of the known details of the case are reported in this article.

Our thoughts at this time are with Steve's family and friends, and in particular his young son Leo, and we're sure that we speak for everyone in the online ThunderCats fan community when we say that we send them our deepest condolences.

5.17.2010 | 6 Inch ThunderCats Stactions on the Way
Posted by: Manny

It looks like we are one step closer to getting action figures! In addition to the non-articulated figures, Icon Heroes will also be producing vehicles and diorama sets, including the iconic Cats Lair! Here's the full press release:

Press Release

Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) announced today a partnership with leading collectibles manufacturer, Icon Heroes, to create products inspired by the classic animated series, Thundercats. This all-new line features prominent characters and environments from the beloved 1980’s animated television hit.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Icon Heroes will manufacture 6-inch and under scale statues, vehicle replicas, environments and dioramas all inspired by Thundercats. The statues will be branded as “Staction Figures” (Static Action Figures) and will be non-articulated standing atop a highly detailed environment base.

Each Staction Figure is scaled such that they can be displayed individually or alongside other 6-inch action figures and statues. The first Staction Figures scheduled for release are Lion-O, Jackal Man, and Jaga. Other products to be released include the Thunderclaw, Cat’s Lair, and many more.

“Thundercats is a classic cartoon property and Icon Heroes is the ideal partner to deliver an array of offerings befitting of these beloved characters,” said Karen McTier, Executive Vice President of Domestic Licensing and Worldwide Marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “Fans of the series will be thrilled to see not only the products available, but the painstaking detail with which they are created.”

“Icon Heroes is all about bringing popular characters to life and we very excited to be recreating some of our favorite 1980’s animated heroes,” added Patrick Wang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Icon Heroes. “It is wonderful to be able to work with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and we can’t wait to offer fans our exciting and vast collection of Thundercats product lines.”

Icon Heroes’ products can soon be purchased directly through their store at More information can be found by visiting the Icon Heroes blog at

3.16.2010 | Awards for Best ThunderCats site, artwork and fan fiction
Posted by: Manny

Please vote in the 2009 ThunderCat Annual Fandom Awards which recognizes the contributions of fan sites like ours and the contributions of fans like yourself to the on-line community.

We've just today released the polls so that you can vote for your favourite sites, favourite community posts, favourite fan art pieces and favourite fan fictions.

If you've enjoyed results of the work we've put into bringing you ThunderCats content we hope you'll consider voting for in the polls!

The polls are quick and easy to use:

3.12.2010 | Mumm-Ra statue by Hard Hero revealed
Posted by: Grizzlor

The first evil character from the ThunderCats has finally been rendered in 3D porcelain by the team at

Mumm-Ra comes with a little Ma-Mutt statue and he is cast in front of his Iron Maiden style sarcophagus leaning forward slightly and stretching out his gnarled decayed hand. Check him out and join in the discussion by clicking on Mumm-Ra

2.17.2010 | ThunderCats Lair exclusive! The movie script - complete draft by Paul Sopocy
Posted by: Grizzlor

We're proud to be the first to secure a copy of the movie script for the (currently) on hold development of the ThunderCats movie. Warner Bros paid Paul Sopocy to pen this draft of the movie. This would have been something to see!

To read more and to download the script for free click on the WB logo

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